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Hiring a Solar Contractor to install a Solar System on your house, commercial building, or agricultural property is a fantastic investment, for you and for future generations. A Photovoltaic System will save you money on your utility bills, but best of all, over time it will pay for itself!

Installing a Solar System (Photovoltaic System) is a simple process and takes very little time. Egan Electric can have your Solar System up and running in a few short weeks. Plus, we will take care of all the necessary paperwork. All you need to do is call, (530)345-7264, or click contact below and fill out the link.

Schedule a site visit with Egan Electric, and we can create a proposal that will tell you the cost of your Solar System, and how much money you will save on your utility bills each month. Proposal's can be completed the same day!

Our Solar Arrays are built using Sharp brand Photovoltaic Solar modules and approved racking systems ( We will design a system specifically formulated for your electric usage, whether you want to virtually eliminate* your electric bill or tier shave**, we can suit your needs. The Solar Array can be either roof or ground mounted. We will take measurements of the sun's path on your property to make the most of the peak hours of sunlight, so you have the most efficient Solar System possible.

For more information about Solar Power, you can visit the following websites:

*One cannot end their PG&E relationship per se...there is a minimum charge, and all Energy Commission taxes, utility users' taxes and local taxes will still apply. Call for details.
**PG&E sells electricity in tiers. The following graph shown below is an example of PG&E's residential tiers.

TierCost Per Kilowatt HourKW Hours allowed(summer)KW Hours allowed(winter)
1$.1223 p/kwh368383
2$.1391 p/kwh110115
3$.2939 p/kwh257268
4$.4035 p/kwh368383
5$.4035 p/kwhUncappedUncapped

***If you are paying for power in Tiers 3, 4, or 5, we can definitely save you money!!***

Don't wait to start saving money!!

Call or click on the contact link to get in touch with us now!

Go green to make some green!!

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